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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions


Computer Questions - Wireless Questions - Printing/Copying Questions - Library/Reference Questions - Location Questions


Computer Questions


What is this thing called FTP, and how do I use it?

FTP stands for "File Transfer Protocol". Through FTP, Gonzaga students can access their Barney files from any active internet connection in the world. This means that you don't need to use unreliable floppy discs or expensive CDs to move your data from one place to another. For more detailed instructions on how to use FTP, please visit our FTP page.


How do I upload/download files from the FTP server?


How do I get my laptop on the wireless network?

The Wireless network at Foley is a closed network, and requires a ZagNet username and password to access the system. When accessing the wireless network for the first time with your laptop, open an internet explorer window and type www.gonzaga.edu, and follow the instructions on the screen. When you are finished configuring your computer to our wireless system, reboot your machine, and you should automatically connect to the wireless server. If you have any problems, contact the help desk at (509) 323-5550 or extension 5550 from any campus phone.

See also

Wireless FAQ

How do I login to Indexes and Databases from off campus?

Use your Gonzaga email address and password for logging into Indexes and Databases from off campus. Use your ZagNet username in the email format YourUserName@gonzaga.edu for your username.

Is it true that the library has laptops for checkout?

Yes. Foley Center Library has 20 faculty, staff and student laptops that are available for checkout. Laptops are Reserve items, and have a limited checkout of three hours. In addition, Foley owned laptops can not leave the building.

The internet/network doesn't seem to be working. Can the library make it work?

Unfortunately, we cannot reset the servers if the internet or internal Gonzaga network goes down. However, the library staff can contact the people in charge of the network to try to get it back up as soon as possible. If you believe that the network is down, please let library staff know at either the Reference Desk, or the Circulation desk.



Wireless Questions


I already have an approved wireless card that I've been using on campus. Will it work in the library?

Yes. All cards that have been configured to work on campus will work in the library.

Where else is wireless access availabe?

Wireless access is currently available in Chastek (the Law School), Rosauer (the School of Education), and Jepson Center (the School of Engineering).

I don't want to buy a wireless network card. Is there any way to access the Internet in the library without one?


Yes, networked computers are available in the computer lab on the lower level. In addition, the library now has a limited number of wireless laptops available for checkout and use within the building. Also, wired network ports are available in selected areas of the library, primarily on the 2nd floor. The orange Cat5 network ports are active, so use those where available. (Access to the orange Cat5 ports will require a working Ethernet adapter.)

What resources can I access?


You can access the Internet through this connection. Access to printer servers is not available at this time.

Is there a way for me to access my Barney through the wireless


Yes. Through the FTP server, you can access your Barney files, as long as you have an active internet connection. Please see our FTP page for more information.



Printing/Copying Questions


Is there a copier at the library I can use?

There are four (4) self serve copiers located throughout the building. Two (2) copiers are located on the first floor. (See First Floor). The other two (2) are located downstairs, just behind the stairwell. (See Lower Level). You can also have your copy jobs done for you at Paw Prints Copy Center, also located on the first floor.

Where do I buy/recharge my Print Card?

You can buy or recharge your Print Card at the Circulation desk, Paw Prints Copy Center, or Faculty Services. Print Cards are for use with the printers and self-serve copiers at Foley library. Print Cards are $1.00 to purchase, then act like a debit card, where you put a pre-determined amount of money on your card, which is creditied as you use it. It is wise to not put large sums of money on your Print Card, since they are high-risk theft items.

Why is the printer on the first floor printing so slow?

It is possible that someone is printing a PDF. PDF stands for "Portable Document Format". PDF's are graphic composites of documents, and can be very big file sizes. If the printer is printing only one page every minute, then it is very possible that a PDF is printing. Unfortunately, we cannot make PDF's print any faster.


Is there a color coper or color printer at the library that I can use?

Unfortunately, Foley Center Library does not have access to a color printer or color copier at this time, however, Paw Prints Copy Center can make color prints and copies.




Library/Reference Questions


Where would I find articles for my paper?

You can find articles relevant to your paper by searching our Indexes and Databases. If you are unsure how to use our Indexes and Databases, take a look at our tutorials page. Here you will find online tutorials explaining in detail how to properly utilize our online databases, for searching for articles. Or, you can come by the Reference Desk, and a librarian will be more than happy to teach you how to search for articles.

How do I use the library catalog to find books?

Foley has a few online tutorials to help get you started when searching for books. You can also stop by the Reference Desk, or call us at x5931 or (509)323-5931, and we will assist you in searching our catalog.

My professor said that there was a book/article that was here at the library, do you know where I can find it?

Usually, when a professor or other faculty member tells you that a certain item is at the library, it is usually housed behind the Circulation desk as a Reserve item. Generally, reserve items have a very short checkout period, some as little as 2-3 hours. Foley owned Laptops are on reserve, and can be checked out through the Circulation desk as well.

How late is the library open?

To see what time our library is open, and what time we close, please check our hours.

Are there any online tutorials that will help me use the library?

There sure are! You can see all of our online tutorials from our tutorials page.

There is this book that I need to read, but Foley doesn't have it. Is there a way for me to get the book without paying for it?

With Interlibrary Loan, you can request books, and have them shipped directly to our Circulation desk no problem. Interlibrary Loan is limited to Gonzaga students, staff and faculty only.



Location Questions


Where is the Teleconference Center?

The Teleconference Center is across the porch from the main entrance of Foley Library.

Where are the restrooms?

The restrooms are located at the far east and west ends of each floor.

Where is the library located?

The library is located southwest of the intersection of Dakota and Desmet.


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If you have any questions or suggestions for this FAQ, please direct them to Laura at hathorn@gonzaga.edu or (509) 323-3844.

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